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Why restaurants use text messaging to get more TripAdvisor reviews?

Be it a restaurant or any other business, customer review is of vital importance in the competitive environment. It is true that 88% of the customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Hence it is important for every hotelier to look for ways in which they can improve their TripAdvisor reviews. With a 98% open rate, text message is one of the most effective forms of digital communication. Here’s how you can take advantage of this powerful – and simple to manage – marketing channel.

In fact, 93% of customers will read reviews before purchasing a product, while TripAdvisor users will read an average of 9 reviews before making a decision.

If you already have a database with your customers’ mobile phone information, requesting TripAdvisor reviews via SMS to be very effective. Here’s an example message you can take inspiration from:

Thank you for joining us for dinner at Burger King. If you had a great time, we’d love you to let others know by leaving a review!

The key here is to make both the message and the overall review process as easy as possible. Reducing the number of steps needed to provide feedback can increase the amount of reviews you get from text requests.

Here are some tips to help you get more TripAdvisor reviews through SMS marketing:
  1. If you don’t ask you don’t get – Ask them directly
    The best way to get your customers to post reviews on TripAdvisor is to ask them. When they check out from your Restaurant, request them to post a review. You can then use SMS marketing to send a follow-up message.

Most customers would click on the link that should redirect them to the TripAdvisor page, where they can share their reviews. If they have enjoyed their stay at your hotel, they would definitely be willing to review.

  1. Send a link over a text message that makes it easy for the customers (QR Codes)
    Some businesses use QR codes, scanning which the guests will be redirected to the page or box where they are required to post their reviews. Again, it is a quick and short process that will encourage the guests to review you.
  2. Thank them for the review
    Once the review is posted, send a thanks message through text message. This is a courtesy message that completes the process of getting the review.

Reviews are your ticket to increasing revenue, bringing in new customers, and making a great name for yourself in your local area.

Using SMS makes leaving a review quick and easy for your customers.

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