Text Messaging for Schools: A two-way approach to communicate with students, parents and teachers

Text Messaging for Schools

Text Message is a powerful communication tool that can help schools send time-sensitive alerts and keep in touch with students and parents.
As an educational institution do you struggle with the need to reach out to parents and students with the right information at the right time?
Are you still sending printed memos and mass emails?
With Redtie, you can send important information such as exam schedules, meeting invites, emergency alerts, attendance notifications and updates on classroom activities. You could even collect detailed feedback on school programs and initiatives.

Say it with a picture:
Use Redtie to send information about exam schedules, reading material, and meeting invites to students, parents and staff by adding PDFs, spreadsheets, docs or web links as attachment to text message.

Why Text Messages?

✔️ Its amazing opening rate of 98 %
✔️ High Conversion Rates.
✔️ People Open, Read and Respond to Texts Quickly.
✔️ It’s Cost-Effective.
✔️ Text Messages Are Personal.
✔️ Analytics – You Can Track, Measure and Optimize Performance.
✔️ It opens an unlimited Marketing Opportunity.

Do you get frequent calls from anxious parents enquiring about their toddlers at the day care center? Send them updates about their kids activities in text format or as photos via SMS through the day.

Simplify 2-way communication:
Allow parents and students to easily seek information by sending an SMS. Send automated responses along with any relevant information documents.

Adding team members feature allow each of your school/college departments conduct their own SMS campaigns while you centrally manage purchases and lock down SMS templates.

Why do text Campaigns work?

If you want to reach a large group of people at once, you’ll need to send a campaign, also known as a bulk text.

Campaigns are meant to…

✔️ Deliver a message to one or thousands in just minutes
✔️ Drive sales quickly
✔️ Gather customer feedback in bulk


If you want to reach customers hours, days, or weeks after they’ve subscribed to your text list, autoresponders are the perfect tool.

They have it all in the name—automatically send messages when a customer takes a specific action without any need for manual intervention.

With autoresponders you can…

✔️ Send surveys or feedback requests after purchases
✔️ Follow up or stay in contact with leads as soon as they enter your sales funnel
✔️ Send reminders before an event
✔️ Check-in with inactive customers
✔️ Send abandoned shopping cart reminders
✔️ Share shipping updates

Two-Way Messaging:

Finally, if you just need to reach one individual contact, you can text them one-on-one from your inbox.

Two-way texting is known for…

✔️ Improving customer satisfaction
✔️ Providing customer support
✔️ Sharing documents, photos, and PDFs

If you’re ready to dive straight in Text Messaging for Schools, we encourage you to sign-up for a free trial of Redtie and see what all the hype is about.

If you have any questions you can email us at or text us at +1 484-874-5535.

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