Text message with Attachments

Keeping the varied needs of its diversified customers, Redtie introduces a File Attachment solution which enables users to go beyond 160 characters.

As the name suggests, File Attachment is a feature which allows an user to attach a file with the text message. The tool allows JPGs, PNGs, PDFs, etc. files to be attached with a 160 characters text message. Redtie empowers its customers to send business brochures, menus, spreadsheets, pdf and various other media files at just a click of a button.

Send attachments via SMS:

Audio Files

Add more effectiveness to your communication by sending audio files along with the text message.


Redefine your marketing campaign by sending business presentation videos along with the text message.


Attach a JPEG/PNG in your SMS and convey more in 160 characters.

Various ways organizations can utilize SMS connections:

Eateries and takeaways — propelling another regular menu? Connect and send it to your portable rundown to get their taste buds shivering.

Vehicle sellers and travel organizations — got another vehicle model in? Or on the other hand, need to help occasion appointments? Send a focused SMS advertising message with a connection to your PDF pamphlet. It’s far less expensive than regular postal mail and the normal 32% reaction pace of SMS can assist you with producing the outcomes you need.

Schools and enlistment organizations — share the most recent news with your folks and prospects by sending a bulletin by means of an SMS attachment.

Bequest specialists — got another house available to be purchased? Rather than calling potential purchasers, give them a sneak look of the property by sending a text with attachment. All things considered, an image paints a thousand words.


Ensure reach and conversions: With 98% open rate within 3 seconds, a text message has proven to be the best mobile marketing tool. By adding a file depicting your business information, you can add more values and utility to your marketing campaign.

Convenient & user-friendly platform: Redtie offers a very user-friendly and convenient experience with a simplified dashboard that enables any person to send messages to thousands in just a click of a button.

Go beyond 160 characters: Sometimes, 160 characters do not make justice with our message information. We may need more space for our information than what comes in 160 characters. To cater such needs, ‘File Attachment’ feature has been introduced.

Advanced features with huge compatibility: You can check the number of persons who have clicked the attached link along with their mobile numbers. Further, our solution possesses huge compatibility and supports almost all the formats.

Get ready to boom with endless solutions of sending SMS with attachments.

Ready to try out two-way SMS messaging? 

With SMS booming as a sales channel for businesses, it’s time to step up and make even more use of it. Get started with Redtie, and start unleashing more engagement with two-way SMS messaging today.

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