Send Attachments via SMS

Text marketing, also referred to as SMS marketing, is a relatively new business tool. While SMS is a popular communication channel for individuals, it is just starting to be adopted by businesses as a tool to communicate with their customers. In the marketing world, businesses send SMS messages for varying purposes beyond just customer acquisition.

Send attachments via SMS:

The data also shows that 85% of mobile users prefer receiving a text message from businesses over emails or phone calls. This statistic shows that you need to consider text marketing as a supplement to your email marketing strategy.

Text message marketing campaigns are best if you want a higher probability of your messages to be viewed, as the text open rate is around 98%. Text marketing is one of the most engaging and efficient methods to convey time-sensitive information among your prospective audience. Though there are several challenges, like getting customers phone numbers, overarching costs, etc., text messaging is usually the best method to capture your audience’s attention.

With around 160 character limits on average, you can benefit from keeping your messages clear and concise. You could use SMS marketing services for:

Product Sales or Offers

B2C Campaigns



Donation Solicitations or Asks

Why Is SMS Marketing Popular?

-Texting creates a much more personal connection.

-Texting is easy to use and highly interactive.

-Text messaging is suitable for timely deals since your customers are more likely to see the message quickly.

-Text messages are delivered and opened in real-time, making them ideal if you require immediate action or are sending out meeting reminders.

-Texting has high engagement rates with a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate.

-Texting comes with an easy to opt-in and opt-out option.

-It is a very cost-effective communication or marketing channel for small businesses.

-Texts are easily accessible and do not need an internet connection.

Who Can Benefit From sending attachment via SMS?

As the SMS platform is so versatile, pretty much anyone — in any industry — can benefit from it. Here’s a deeper look at how SMS platform marketing can help:


Retailers stand the most to gain from short message marketing. It’s the perfect marketing platform to inform their customers about deals, new store additions and other promos to encourage purchasing.

Real Estate:

Texting provides the ultimate tool for acquiring new leads and closing deals on both commercial and residential properties.

Automotive & Transportation:

Ensure your communication efforts go the distance by incorporating SMS marketing solutions for automotive maintenance, real-time alerts on highway construction, or efficiently mobilizing an on-the-go workforce.

Financial Services:

SMS communications drive revenue and profit when time is money, and urgency matters. The value of high-yield engagement — 6X the response of email, in fact — is critical in the financial sector.


If you’re looking for real-time, instant communication with high engagement for your business, you should go with business text messaging. Incorporating texting as a communication channel in your marketing strategy can surely help you boost your business efficiency and revenue.

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