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When it comes to the business world, email remains an incredibly popular communication tool. In fact, the number of emails we send is astounding. Research conducted by The Radicati Group in 2018 reports the total number of emails sent globally every day at around 280 billion (that’s billion per day), and it’s set to grow to 333 billion by 2022.

As the numbers above suggest, most people are so overwhelmed by the amount of emails they receive that many do not get read. Open rates for emails from businesses to consumers, especially marketing ones, are notoriously low (around 25%)—and it’s only getting worse.

Because of this, many companies have adopted another form of communication that is perceived as easier and more natural than email – Text messaging and it’s proving incredibly successful.

But with more and more business being done via text messages, the need to capture and archive these communications is also increasing. Like social media, SMS can result in rapid-fire two-way communication that’s particularly susceptible to data loss. What happens, for instance, if a conversation with a customer is deleted from an employee’s mobile device? Does an easily-accessible copy of that interaction exist anywhere else?

There you go, Redtie has Message Archiving. Below are reasons why it’s important to keep records of all text messages.

  1. Compliance
    Compliance requirements are undoubtedly one of the main reasons many organizations need to capture and archive mobile text messages. If a company is sending out text messages, and it is subject to any records retention regulations, those messages need to be captured and archived.
  2. Litigation
    Like emails and recorded phone calls, text messages can be entered into evidence and used in legal proceedings, so it’s important for organizations to have access to these records, especially when it comes to defending against false claims.
  3. Marketing
    A good SMS/mobile text archiving solution is able to provide details on exactly when messages were sent, delivered, read, and answered.

While our platform allows business clients to keep copies of all text logs for future reference, we’re also experts in all things of text messaging.

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