Digital Marketing for Healthcare

Digital Marketing for Healthcare – Everything You Need To Know

Digital Marketing for Healthcare – Everything You Need To Know

Healthcare professionals work hard to win their patient’s trust. While the goal is to keep people healthy, you still want to maintain patient relationships for when they need you.

“Searching for health information is the 3rd most popular online activity”

In the past, healthcare marketing depended on mediums such as print, TV, radio, and direct mail, which are one-sided, meaning non-interactive. Today’s patients are able to do extensive research online, which means they are more particular about the services they receive, seek answers for their questions and then zero in on the service they look for. They have access to  reviews, ratings, and online forums to interact with other users to get an opinion. 

A recent study found that 77% of patients perform online research prior to booking an appointment. Even more profound, another study by the Pew Internet & American Life project found that “93 million Americans (approximately 80% of Internet users) have searched for a health-related topic online” Healthcare marketing falls into two areas: acquisition (getting new patients) and retention (turning them into dependants).

Acquisition strategies often rely on online reviews, advertising, promotions and social media to get new patients. When you get that new patient, you work hard to win their trust and deliver a positive experience.

What’s priority number 2?  Retention.

By staying digitally engaged with Patients you gain their trust..

Text messages have the highest opening rate – 98%. Having a text messaging tool perhaps is the most important need for healthcare businesses to stay connected with patients. Using the comprehensive patient data stored in the platform, the Healthcare organisation’s contact lists can easily be segmented and messages could be sent to targeted groups based on their specific needs. 

Keep in touch with your patients: 

Send helpful health tips and news to show your expertise. A common and effective marketing practice across all industries is to create content that shows people you’re an expert in your field that wants to help others. Set some time aside to write helpful articles or develop a set of tips that will help your patients. 

Build long-lasting relationships:

It’s good to work on acquiring new patients, but you also need to take time for your existing patients, who provide reviews to your service and do word-of-mouth marketing for you. 

You need to make them feel special and above any other patient for the loyalty and trust they show by continuing business with you. In addition to health tips, offer them something extra, such as Rewards

These acts of appreciation build trust and establish long-term relationships. This will make your existing patients bring their family and friends to you and the new patients will want to establish long-term relationships with you for such benefits.

Stay on top of mind:

People want to know that you care about their health beyond when they need you. So what are you gonna say? Show them that you care and encourage them to be proactive with their health by sharing health-related events and seminars that they can attend. 

Remember, your goal is to extend your relationships with your patients, not to pressure them to come in for an appointment. Build trust by giving them a glimpse of your personality and sharing your expertise.


When you set a schedule for your messages, you become reliable to potential clients because they’ll always know when they’ll be receiving new information from you.

It’s also important to set a schedule so that you don’t send too many emails per month. 

When your emails are consistent, you can be sure that you’re in your patients inboxes on a regular basis – but not enough to annoy them.

Concluding, Healthcare marketing relies heavily on building trust and offering a comfortable patient experience. While this relationship starts during the first visit, your goal is to keep that feeling alive during the long periods when you’re not seeing them.

Redtie, gives you that personal connection with your patients. You stay top-of-mind and remind everyone of the care and expertise that you provide them. Start building that long-term patient relationship and watch your practice flourish.

Not convinced?

It is – 

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