Twitter | Live Streams

Twitter Bumps Live Streams to the Top of the Timeline

Twitter announced it will display live streams more prominently, bumping them to the top of users’ timelines. This change only applies to followed accounts, so users won’t suddenly start seeing live streams from accounts they don’t follow. While live streams can be rewatched after the fact, it sounds like they will only appear at the top of the timeline when the account is live at that very moment.

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Twitter | Third-party apps

Twitter officially kills off key features in third-party apps

After years of warnings and several delays, Twitter finally made good today on its promise to kill off key features of popular streaming apps. In a blog post today, Twitter said it would remove access to APIs needed to power push notifications and an auto-refreshing timeline. Rob Johnson, a director of product, said Twitter would stop supporting those APIs so it could focus on its own native applications.

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Source:  The Verge

Twitter | Search Results

Twitter Reveals How it Ranks Tweets in Search Results

Twitter has addressed recent accusations regarding shadow banning accounts by explaining how it ranks tweets in search results. Those who are not familiar with the term “shadow ban” may not understand how it has anything to do with search results. So let’s get everyone up to speed with shadow banning.

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Delete Twitter History

How to delete your Twitter history

It’s a commonly accepted, scientifically proven fact that Twitter is bad for you. Not only is it awash in a synapse-frying torrent of mental spew and unpleasant headlines, but the network is also a performative minefield waiting to destroy either your career or your emotional well-being — and quite often both if given enough time. However, some of us use Twitter for our jobs.

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Source: The Verge

Twitter | Fake Accounts

Battling Fake Accounts, Twitter to Slash Millions of Followers

Twitter will begin removing tens of millions of suspicious accounts from users’ followers on Thursday, signaling a major new effort to restore trust on the popular but embattled platform. Many users have inflated their followers on Twitter or other services with automated or fake accounts buying the appearance of social influence to bolster their political activism, business endeavors or entertainment careers.

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Source: TheNewYorkTimes