Retrieve Lost Facebook Organic Reach

The secret to more Facebook organic reach isn’t to post more

Facebook has been the hot-button topic of social and political discussions for the past few weeks. Even still, more than 2 billion people still use the platform monthly, totaling to 50 million hours of usage. But reaching those users without paying a now massively increased advertising cost still feels next to impossible. Organic reach rates are stuck at a few measly percents. And with a new Facebook update, reporting (albeit not actual rates)
will show even lower organic reach rates.

social engagements are down 50 percent in just the last three years. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ignite engagement on FB. And despite the deck being stacked against you, it doesn’t mean you should choose the flight response. Here’s how to use four unconventional methods to reclaim your lost organic reach.

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How to get subscribers for blog

Subscribers are very, very important especially if you’re in the early stages of blogging.

Each time you publish a new blog post, it’s your subscribers who’ll provide you with that initial surge of traffic — which, in turn, will propel those posts’ long-term success. how do you get the folks who are reading your blog to stick around and keep coming back? You can’t expect visitors to subscribe to your content if you don’t publish anything new for them to read.

7 ways to get subscribers to your blog

  • Optimize your top blog posts for subscriptions
  • Add opt-in checkboxes your landing pages
  • Offer something extra to brand new subscribers

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Into Digital Marketing? How to increase your social media followers?

Social media marketing falls under the digital marketing umbrella. As per Ad age,  It has become one of the prominent and result oriented marketing strategies. As of this year, more than 75 % of marketers use social media and Facebook is topping the usage chart.

While there isn’t an iota of doubt that social media marketing is quickly becoming the most trusted marketing strategy, there is also considerable complexities underneath it and when not done right, the results dim.

There is a strong belief that business owners can execute  Social Media marketing themselves for their business and to an extent, this is true and happening. DIY does work but requires continuous learning towards emerging marketing trends and strategies.

In reality, business houses and marketers lack time to operate on this platform to grow their social media following. Looking after your regular business operations and spending time on social media marketing isn’t wise at all. Social media marketing requires a range of skills under the tagline ” Content Creation“, be it a short text, image or video. It all requires a great deal of in-depth understanding, conceptualization, design and most importantly the ” talking aspect” of the ad content. If not done right and delivered at the right time, your ad content goes invisible, period.

In an ideal world, your social media following would simply grow as your business grow, but it takes steep effort than that. The key to increasing your social audience is not putting in overtime; it’s rather a consistency. And this consistency can be mostly delivered by ad agencies and marketing companies who have learned things and expertised themselves in course of their evolution.

We at Ble Media Solutions make Digital marketing much easier and affordable for you with a pool of in-house digital marketing workforce and combined with usage of tools such as Redtie which has given us mind-blowing results, proven analytically.

Few strategies to boost up your social media following:

First and foremost is about picking the right social platforms for your business.

You will need to understand your target demographic clearly and then pitch-in. The Pew Research Center report finds that more than 80% of adult internet users are on Facebook, whereas only 30% are on Instagram. This emphasizes that your focus should be on facebook audience and limit your ad content delivery on Instagram.

But just because Instagram doesn’t have the bigger user base, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using it in your marketing strategy. You will need to research which social network works best for your industry. For example, the fashion industry thrives on Instagram, Snapchat makes sense for media and entertainment, and youtube works great for product specific tutorials.

So, it’s all about choosing the right platform to deliver your ad content. Delivering the right content to the right people at the right time is key to spike up your follower base.

And this is where digital marketing companies such as Ble media Solutions fill the space.

Pick one platform and master it. Learning one new platform is easier than learning all of them at the same time, and you’ll be able to streamline your process in a swiftly.

Deliver your ad posts at the right time

It matters a lot to keep up a schedule with your ad content delivery, no matter which platform you choose.

Here are some proven best times to post on different platforms:

   Facebook: 1-4 PM,  week & on weekends work great

   Twitter: 1-3 PM & 5 PM – Wednesdays

   Pinterest:  8-11 PM – Fridays and Saturdays

   LinkedIn: Midweek, 5-6 PM – Wednesday

   Instagram: Throughout the week

So, here is the question. How easy is to follow this complex posting schedule?

Posting to social networks at different times of day is tough. But there’s a simple fix to this: Use a scheduling app such as Redtie, it makes posting content much simpler and tracks audience reach as well.

Scheduling posts in advance is a great strategy to plan out your posts so that you’re not searching and scrambling for content in the last-minute.


Focus on quality and mix of content rather than quantity


The content you post should be a mix of news items and industry trends and in the middle, you could showcase your products and services.

Blog posts and other content you own could be delivered.  Rather than bombarding your followers with dozens of posts per day, focus on scheduling a few high-quality posts.

Sharing works great, that too, when sharing a piece of content that’s not your own, it’s good practice to tag the original publisher who is already a popular and there is always a good chance to generate backlinks.

Make sure what you’re sharing on social media is valuable for your followers. Shareable content is the gateway to gaining new followers.

It is the emotion that drives people to share content more than logic or something else.on. People share posts to share information, must know, trending news, entertainment, express gratitude and help calm fears in case of distress. 

Moreover, visual content performs much better than content without visual components, even on platforms such as twitter content with images receive 18% more clicks than tweets without them.  For instance, adding images to your tweets encourages higher levels of engagement.

Engage with valuable, your industry specific and relevant accounts

A reliable approach to gain new followers is to start following others and engage with them. Participate in discussions relevant to your industry so that it doesn’t look like you’re simply trying to gain new followers without offering anything useful in return.

More importantly,  be responsive to the followers you already have. When you log on, spend a few minutes addressing those in your mentions by liking or responding to their comments.

It’s  important that you follow the right kind of people,  likely to be associated professionally. It’s good practice to follow back relevant accounts, but not accounts that won’t add anything to your feed.

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