Saas Mobile App

Why SaaS Products Need A Mobile App?

Why SaaS Products Need A Mobile App?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution method where the software is hosted on a server and allows access to customers via the internet. It helps enterprises reduce the burden of holding on-premise IT establishment and dedicated staff to operate it and spending on its maintenance. 

This software distribution model is highly successful,  it ensures that you get uninterrupted services and access from any devices with a stable  internet connection over a browser. The distinctive feature of this pattern is that users rent the software on a monthly cost-per-user or usage basis instead of buying and implementing it. 

So, why to develop Saas Mobile App?

Mobile has been a major contributor to the overall SaaS growth. In Q1 of 2015, there were 313 mobile SaaS startups that raised more than $2.6 billion. When businesses move to mobile, it becomes easy for them to increase their real-time users, user engagement, etc. The chart below clearly illustrates this trend: The world has become a mobile-first society. The potential value a mobile app can bring to your SaaS product is remarkable and huge. If impressing your users can convert them into your greatest advocates, then any opportunity to provide additional value and make it easier to utilize your product is an opportunity you should capitalize on.

Benefits Of SaaS Mobile App Development Services:

* Improved Efficiency

* High Scalability

* Automatic updates

* High-Level Data Security

* Easy Accessible

* Zero Maintenance

* Improves Customer Relationship

On the note of above benefits and trends, We(Redtie) have launched our Android app providing access to our customers at any time, anywhere all over the world with the hope of increasing their active users and user engagement.

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The only step left for you to take now is to Install our Android app, get in touch with us and increase your business ROI.