Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos now worth over $141 billion

Jeff Bezos is now worth roughly $49 billion more than Microsoft’s Bill Gates and about $60 billion more than Warren Buffett, who are the second and third wealthiest humans on the planet. He has made Amazon one of the most valuable companies in the world and has transformed the city

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Twitter | Content

New Twitter Updates Aim to Make Content Easier to Find

The company wants to change how people discover information around breaking news, live events, and other topics they care about. In an effort to realize its vision, Twitter is enhancing the timeline, notifications, the ‘Explore’ section, and the ‘Moments’ section.

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Google | Scams | SMBs

Google steps up efforts to fight scams and fraud directed at SMBs

Scammers claiming to represent Google continue to prey on small business owners. They often also make threats about removing listings or outrageous claims about ranking improvements. Sometimes they try to charge for things that are free on Google.

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Microsoft Garage Expansion

Microsoft Garage Expansion Continues with Grand Opening at New England Research & Development Center

The seventh Microsoft Garage just opened its doors at the New England Research & Development Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts (or “NERD”). Hundreds of students, educators, and tech pros flocked to the three-day event introducing local Microsoft teams, innovative projects they are working on—and the Garage equipment and spaces that the Boston area community can use to connect with Microsoft and each other.

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YouTube Music

YouTube Music is launching Tuesday, and YouTube Red is going away.

YouTube has always thought of YouTube Red as a music subscription service, even though it didn’t usually say that in public. YouTube Music was built in large part to placate music labels that complained that YouTube’s free, ad-supported service didn’t generate enough revenue for them.

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