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Swiss Police Replace Diesel SUVs With Tesla Model X Electric SUV

This isn’t the first time a police department has chosen a Tesla over conventional vehicles though. Police departments in Los Angeles, Denver and Luxembourg too have chosen the likes of the Tesla Model S in the past while the Ontario Police in Canada has also added the Tesla Model X in their fleet not too long ago.


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Green Information Technology – What is it?

Green IT – What is it?

Yes, you guessed it right. “Green Information Technology”. So, let’s get a bit deeper into it and see what is it all about.

The World is shifting focus towards Green and Clean Energy. Climate change is making us all fall in line and opts for clean energy. The last few years has seen new innovations towards solar and wind energy generation.

The best and interesting aspect of these two energy types is ” DIY” – Yes, do it yourself. Anyone can set up a mini solar panel, learning from how to do youtube videos on the rooftop and start consuming its energy.

Unlike hydro and nuclear power stations where these are centralized power generation points, solar and wind energy can be made decentralized operating from houses, offices, shopping complexes. Governments have started pushing its people to opt for solar energy realizing the problems pertaining to climate change on this planet.

Solar power remains, after hydro and wind, the third most important renewable energy source in terms of globally installed capacity. In 2016, more than 250 GW of solar photovoltaic (PV) power was installed around the world.

“Green information technology”  is relevant because this is a trend to help IT operations run with a smaller environmental impact than what has happened before. This has a number of different sides to it.

Germany, Italy, and China top the list of Solar Energy consuming countries.

In this trend now, IT companies and its operations powered by a clean energy source such as solar energy are fast becoming a trend as well. Corporate business houses have already started applying this, they have built their own solar panels right on top of their own buildings for energy consumption. While IT organisations have taken this route, the automobile industry has gone forward with electric inventions, Elon Musk’s– Electric cars and now Electric Trucks of Tesla are big steps pushing other companies to step into the world of electrically powered auto-industry.

Walmart has already pre-ordered some 16 electric trucks, giving them a Socially responsible company image.

IT on its part is supporting electric innovations with its AI and automation technologies,  yes, driverless cars – being tested by Google and few other legacy car companies such as Ford, BMW etc.

Green IT seeks for a reduction in the energy needs of IT departments, which can be significant. More efficient ways of using computers, servers, and other IT resources are going to be developed in the short term, and in fact, this type of trend is happening right now even. Beyond just making everything more efficient, like low energy fax machines, printers, energy backups, it also focuses on finding energy sources that can power these tools that mesh well with them powered with energy sourced from self-installed solar panels.

Companies can also outsource solar-generated power in smaller units to nearby smaller companies, to server farms and other companies that seek for being as green as possible. Some hosting companies have started doing this already.

Additionally, it can also be important for companies to make sure that they add green elements to other parts of IT procedures including sourcing energy efficient and low radiation or even zero radiation materials for use in offices.  There are often concerns about so-called e-waste these days and IT organizations are paying attention as well. Few companies are particularly bad at handling where they discard materials in computers that could be potentially bad for the environment. IT organizations will need to show social responsibility and have a recycling and e-waste disposal policy that adheres to environmental safety.

Above all, being able to demonstrate a green IT operation is also often excellent PR as well, right? Won’t you opt for it?

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