Redtie’s Gmail Ad-on

Redtie’s Gmail Add-on is the perfect way to reach your gmail contacts via Text and Voice.

Redtie is the Multi-channel Messaging Platform with channels like Text, Email, Voice & Chat. With Redtie Gmail Ad-ons, it’s easy to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time via the right communication channel they prefer.

A Redtie user can send a text and voice message with rewards to any one or more of his/her contacts in Redtie from Gmail Redtie add-on
Install Redtie add-on in Gmail.
Gmail authorization
Connect with Redtie
Choose a Business profile
The senders email address is checked and tracked in Redtie and pulled to show in the add-on
Now the sender can type in a phone number and send a text and voice message with rewards from the add-on.
Redtie will deliver the message to the typed in phone number.

Install now:

Gmail Contact Integration

Gmail Contact Integration 


1. In the Contacts admin panel, click on Integrations.

2. Click Integrations and select Gmail:Contacts

3. To fully integrate Gmail with Redtie, Click on the Gmail contact: Contacts and connect your Gmail account.

4. To import the data, please log in to your Gmail account and connect it.

5. Now that your Gmail is integrated with Redtie, click Export / Import and Import your contacts. “Add New Tag” option helps to organize your contacts.

Watch a Demo: The integration is now complete!  You are all set to message your contacts now.

Gmail | Android Users

Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ Feature Finally Arrives for Android Users

Google is finally rolling out Gmail features that were first Web-only, to its mobile verticals as well. One of the biggest features that arrived in 2015, after years of testing, was Undo Send – the ability to recall an email after tapping send button. This feature was a fresh welcome for those that managed to send erroneous mails, and previously had no way to recall whatsoever. In November 2016, it was then made available to iOS users, and now, it has finally arrived on Gmail for Android as well.

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Gmail | Cyber Threat

Gmail Users Warned of Cyber Threat

Gmail users have been alerted about a new Google Mail feature which could be leveraged by online crooks to carry out a wave of scams, media reported. The company, in April, unveiled its brand new design which introduced a clean new user interface and a swathe of new features including the ability to snooze a message, auto-generate smart replies and self-destruct emails in the brand new “Confidential Mode”.

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Source: News 18

Gmail – AI to Push smarter notifications

Gmail For iOS Is Using Ai To Push Smarter Notifications

Google wants to use AI to help determine which emails you receive as notifications.

The Gmail app on iOS (it’s not yet available on the Android version) now offers users an option to only get notifications for “high priority emails.” The feature uses artificial intelligence to determine which messages recipients would deem important and lets them turn off notifications for all the others.

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Gmail | Redesign

Google’s enterprise ambition is the reason behind Gmail’s redesign

Google has been aggressively targeting and gaining traction in the enterprise space, and that they have successfully converted millions of businesses to G Suite and corporate Gmail. What we see in the new design is a sense of reluctance to do anything too dramatic with the user experience

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Old Gmail

Google is starting to phase out the old Gmail design

Google is giving G Suite administrators several months of warning to prepare themselves — and their users — for the coming change. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Google start to migrate free users over to the new design in the coming months as well.

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Gmail’s New AI

I let Gmail’s new AI write my pointless emails for me

This week, Google launched a new feature called Smart Compose that takes its AI writing much further. Smart Compose works a lot like Google’s own Autocomplete does in Search, popping up the things you might be about to say next. Simply by hitting tab, you can accept Google’s proposed words, add them to your copy, and move on to the next line of your email . . . for which Google might have even more suggestions.

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Source: FastCompany

Have You Enabled the New Gmail?

Gmail’s Smart Compose will write emails for you

Smart Compose also recognizes context. For example, if it’s Friday, it might suggest closing out your message with “Have a great weekend!” Google says the Smart Compose feature will start to appear for consumers over the next few weeks and will be integrated for G Suite customers within the next few months. Make sure you’ve enabled the new Gmail in order to use it when it becomes available.

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