Communication APIs for Developers

Communication APIs for Developers

Redtie is a cloud-based communication platform that was founded with the mission to provide a seamless business messaging service over Text, Email, Voice, Chat and Social Channels. Our goal is to make it easy for brands to get leads, engage and provide uninterrupted support to their customers.

Redtie’s APIs belong to the Representational State Transfer (REST) category. They allow you to perform ‘RESTful’ operations such as reading, modifying, adding or deleting data from your platform.

What API commands are used by Redtie?

Redtie APIs are plain JSON over HTTP and use the following HTTP verbs: COMMAND PURPOSE POST Create an object GET Fetch one or more objects PUT Update an object DELETE Remove an object Note: All API requests should hit the secured endpoint i.e. only HTTPS

Rate Limit

The number of API calls per month is 10000

This limit is applied on an account only, irrespective of factors such as the number of agents or IP addresses used to make the calls.


Redtie APIs are classified into either production or staging APIs. A production API is one that has been made generally available for public use and is stable. A staging API is one that is still in development or is for internal use and whose stability cannot be guaranteed. Staging APIs may be removed or modified at any time without advance notice.

Deprecation Policy

The current version of production level APIs is v3. When a new version of APIs is made generally available (not beta), the older version will be deprecated and will cease to function within our notice of 3 months. Once that API is removed, any request to it will result in a 404 error.


How does it work?

Before you can send a message over any of the APIs listed above, you need to use your personal API key to authenticate the request.

Where do i get it?

Log in to Redie Portal. Click on the admin link at the bottom left corner. Click the API key link. Turn ON the API credentials. You will see the API key and secret key. Use this key to call any of the APIs here in this document

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