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Why SaaS Products Need A Mobile App?

Why SaaS Products Need A Mobile App?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution method where the software is hosted on a server and allows access to customers via the internet. It helps enterprises reduce the burden of holding on-premise IT establishment and dedicated staff to operate it and spending on its maintenance. 

This software distribution model is highly successful,  it ensures that you get uninterrupted services and access from any devices with a stable  internet connection over a browser. The distinctive feature of this pattern is that users rent the software on a monthly cost-per-user or usage basis instead of buying and implementing it. 

So, why to develop Saas Mobile App?

Mobile has been a major contributor to the overall SaaS growth. In Q1 of 2015, there were 313 mobile SaaS startups that raised more than $2.6 billion. When businesses move to mobile, it becomes easy for them to increase their real-time users, user engagement, etc. The chart below clearly illustrates this trend: The world has become a mobile-first society. The potential value a mobile app can bring to your SaaS product is remarkable and huge. If impressing your users can convert them into your greatest advocates, then any opportunity to provide additional value and make it easier to utilize your product is an opportunity you should capitalize on.

Benefits Of SaaS Mobile App Development Services:

* Improved Efficiency

* High Scalability

* Automatic updates

* High-Level Data Security

* Easy Accessible

* Zero Maintenance

* Improves Customer Relationship

On the note of above benefits and trends, We(Redtie) have launched our Android app providing access to our customers at any time, anywhere all over the world with the hope of increasing their active users and user engagement.

Redtie is the Multi-channel Messaging Platform with channels like Text, Email, Voice & Chat. With Redtie Gmail Ad-ons, it’s easy to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time via the right communication channel they prefer.

The only step left for you to take now is to Install our Android app, get in touch with us and increase your business ROI.

Customer Rewards Program for Restaurant

Customer Rewards Program – Ultimate Way to Boost a Restaurant Sales

Customer Rewards Program – Ultimate Way to Boost a Restaurant Sales

Rewards programs have been given new recognition in recent years for several reasons. Competition among restaurants is quite high and there are different types of restaurant establishments like a food truck, fine dining, casual dining, etc, but the common thing that all are striving for is, to retain customers. It’s always important to analyze the trends and plan ahead. Therefore, the right restaurant loyalty program can help you encourage and motivate the customers who are already likely to revisit you.

Why is Customer Loyalty Program important for Restaurants?

Restaurant industries are working harder to acquire customer engagement and it’s not easy for everyone. A loyalty program helps in retaining existing customers as well as new customer acquisition.

As per a study by Oracle Hospitality, 52% of consumers will recommend the restaurant to others they are most loyal. Loyalty programs also encourage customers to keep coming and purchase more. Furthermore, a returning customer will spend 67% more money than a new customer.

The challenge lies in retaining and converting  customers into loyal ones who will visit you often. That’s simply because people like getting rewarded. If big brands are doing the same then why not a Restaurant?

How Rewards Program work?

A rewards program is nothing but a percentage of the amount spent is paid back to the customer as a loyalty bonus. Customers spend more when they feel their purchasing with you is worth for money. It stimulates a positive dining experience that customers are looking for with a restaurant and drives them to spend more.

Restaurant Loyalty Program to Boost Sales & Customer Retention:

One of the greatest advantages of having a loyalty program for your restaurant is that it helps turn your existing customers into brand advocates. There has to be some gratification and value that customers get out of it, redeemable points and discounts are some of the easiest ways to reward the customers.

However, a more customized approach is always recommended, so you must evaluate, what is it that your customers value? And then create value-focused loyalty rewards that best suits your audience. Redtie introduced rewards programs that reward customers with units of TieCoins which they can collect and cash them out using Venmo or PayPal.

What is TieCoins?

TieCoins is the currency of the reward programs. These rewards units are directly redeemable for cash. When a customer needs to cash it to $, they can go to and initiate the “Sell”. The cash is deposited using Venmo or Paypal.

Getting started is easy, sign up at, create an account, write short and to the point text messages determine how many TieCoins to attach to a message and send, it’s that simple.


It’s no secret that great food and great service have a major impact on restaurant ROI. Offering customer rewards programs is a great way to get more loyal customers and keep your brand top of mind. In the sea of many restaurants, don’t forget to stand out and make your customer experience unique in any way possible with Redtie.

Message with rewards



Run your own rewards program for your customers, earn their loyalty & engage like never ever before.

Why TieCoins?

  • Send a micro cash reward with a message for pennies
  • Brand the rewards program with your logo
  • Choose the reward amount
  • Send personalized messages
  • Reward customers to take surveys and watch promotional videos
  • Drives traffic to your business
  • Your customers become your marketers
  • No one will look at a message again without a reward

Sign up now Reach us at +1 484-874-5535 or email to


Five Fun Things You Can Do With Redtie


5 Fun Things to Do With Redtie


We built Redtie to meet communication use cases using text messaging, phone calls, chat, and social media channels. Most of these use cases are enterprise-focused and frankly boring.

For example, one of the largest energy utility companies in the US has integrated Redtie to detect weak electric signals coming from line sensors and alert the internal workforce to take the needed actions.

However, Redtie may also be used for quite a few fun use cases.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]1.Schedule a call to yourself before going on a blind date

Give yourself an easy out from a potentially terrible date by scheduling text message or phone call 365 days ahead of time. Mix and match options to choose the accent of your mystery caller. (American / British / Australian) and Male/Female. If the date is going well, you even can take the call on Speaker mode.

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2. Send a text reminder to those that have not opened the email

You have sent the latest beautifully-crafted (in your opinion) newsletter to your contact list. After a few days, Redtie can automatically send out a reminder text to the contacts that have not opened your email.

“Hey, Bob, It took 4 days and 6 hours to prepare our newsletter with curated information. And you have not even opened it? Come on, dude”

NOTE: If “Bob” replies with a ‘STOP’ as a reply to your text, Redtie will automatically unsubscribe him from future text nudges.


3. Never miss wishing another birthday

Everyone wants to be remembered on your birthday — take the planning out of it. Each of your clients could receive a personalized text on their birthday morning.

Go under “Settings”, create a template for the birthday wishes and choose the time of the day to send the message. On the day of your contact’s birthday, Redtie will send the message on your behalf. Redtie supports tags such as #first_name# and #last_name# to make the message more personalized.

“Hey Bob, Happy birthday wishes from all of us at ABC Business”!


4. Compensate for attention by attaching TieCoins as rewards

Reward your clients for their attention Attach a reward to the receiver for reading your message. The reward is given in the form of TieCoins which can be cashed out at

NOTE: TieCoins is a cryptocurrency that can be attached to digital messages via text, voice, email and other channels.

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5. Install an intelligent “doorbell” for visitors

Provide an easy way for the visitors to your site to connect with you. Redtie provides the Chat widget that can be integrated with your website in 30 seconds or less. The widget will prompt the user for their phone number. If they provide their number, you can establish the text channel to stay connected with them.

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