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Apple seemingly cracking down on ‘scammy’ subscription apps

In many cases, “scammers” take advantage of Apple‘s subscription mechanism, which allows developers to provide free trials that automatically convert to monthly agreements. Specifically, unscrupulous app makers are using a “dark pattern,” intentionally deceptive user interface elements, and other strategies designed to confuse or trick customers into starting convertible trial subscriptions.

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Source: Apple Insider

Apple’s SoC Team Has Grown Up

Apple Will Switch Away From Intel in 2020

Every now and then, a rumor pops up suggesting Apple will switch away from Intel microprocessors at some point in the relatively near future, in favor of its own ARM designs.  It’s a topic my colleague Grant Brunner addressed as far back as 2012, and that I wrote about in 2014 and 2017. It’s an idea being floated once again — this time by an analyst with a proven track record of being right about Apple’s long-term product plans.

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Source: Extreme Tech

Bloomberg | Apple | Amazon

What Businessweek got wrong about Apple

Over the course of the past year, Bloomberg has contacted us multiple times with claims, sometimes vague and sometimes elaborate, of an alleged security incident at Apple. Each time, we have conducted rigorous internal investigations based on their inquiries and each time we have found absolutely no evidence to support any of them.

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Amazon | Alexa | Operating System

Amazon wants Alexa to be the operating system for your life

Amazon wants Alexa to be the OS for everyone’s physical lives, just as Apple, Google, and Microsoft now control our digital ones. Not only is Amazon willing to do so through developing its own products that may completely flop, but it’s also willing to enter into well-established markets it will likely never succeed in, just so it can extend Alexa’s reach even just an inch further than competing software.

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Source: The verge